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  • Reliable, Efficient and Responsible Trading of Oil is at the heart of what we do.


    International Bankers Group is the a premiere trader of oil and petroleum products. Our global network of teams is commitment to international high standards of service. We connect producers and end-users of commodities . Our market knowledge, logistics and infrastructure will pass seamlessly from their points of origin to points of need. Your experience benefits from Leveraging decades of sustainable suppliers and customer relationships.


    * Crude Oil                                                          * Diesel Ultra low Sulfer
    * Virgin D6 Fuel Oil                                              * Diesel D2 Gas Oil
    * Fuel Oil CST-180                                               * Diesel HSD@ gas Oil  
    * Mazut 100                                                        * Jet Fuel JPA1 
    * Gasolines 93/95 Octanes                                   * Jet Fuel JP54 
    * LPG
    * LNG
    * Diesel EN590

  • Crude Oil

    International Bankers Group crude oil team sources light, medium and heavy crude oil from all parts of the world.    We have partnered with producers and have long term relationships with national oil companies as well as oil majors and independent producers.  



    Saudi Arabia to slash June crude oil output by an extra 1 million ...

  • Fuel Oil

    Fuel oil, also referred to as, Heavy Oil or Residual Fuel Oil, is a residue obtained from the distillation of crude oil during the refining process. Fuel oil is commonly used as feedstock for refineries but is also commercially sold for power generation for either large vessels or electric utilities. Depending on the customer, our fuel oil trading operation has the capability to meet multiple specifications, tailoring blends to individual customer needs and requirements.