• Coffee and Tea

    With worldwide grain procurement system mainly in North and South America, and a worldwide sales network,we provide a supply of grain at competitive price to the global market.

    Strong domestic distribution network

    n the overseas market,we are working towards expanding its business in many countries, and focused on the domestic demand in growing markets.

    Major Products

    Grains in general (corn, soybeans, wheat, rapeseed, etc.) Feed ingredients (soybean meal, rapeseed meal, fish meal, etc.) Compound feed Consumer-use food products, commercial-use food materials, and dairy products Marine products, processed seafood, and fresh and processed meat Raw ingredients for food (flour, sugar, oils and fats, etc.) Raw materials for beverages (coffee, tea, fruit juice, etc.)

  • With International Bankers Group,You will invest with trusted partners to grow the value of industry‐leading businesses and food brands.

    International Bankers is an active investor in businesses that provide strong strategic platforms for growth and value creation in the food, agriculture, and commodities sectors across the globe. We're sharing our network and expertise with companies that we think will be the key innovators and market leaders in the years ahead. We want to invest in companies that are disrupting the way people think about food and agriculture.

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