• Foreign National

    IBFG was one of the first financial institutions to start lending to foreigners in South Florida. So it has developed an understanding of the loan programs available to enhance benefits to your clients. We work with several dozen national and international lenders who provide financing to foreign nationals. This is a complex mortgage niche, served by a smaller, specialized broker community.  We have worked with foreign nationals for over 20 years, and have earned a reputation for broad product selection, low rates, and top-notch advice.

    Mortgage financing has changed and with it, the easy availability of money.  This is true for both US borrowers and foreign nationals. Those left in the in the foreign national market work harder to find both new sources of financing and competitive rates. 

    • 65% financing on condos. SFR'S reference and two (2) credit references.
    • Only program up to 15 Million.
    • Cash-Out refinancing , Condo and Hotels ok.
    • Title under corporations and innovative tax shelters strategies.