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  • Who can benefit

    If you are a government, government bank, private bank, or a private company seeking financing solutions of more $100 * Customer commitment—Providing clients and million or more, you can benefit from the flexibility and versatility intermediaries with a “best-in-class” experience of an asset-based structure.

    Competitive rates on all loan programs

    International Bankers Group offers complete program management solutions for retail, restaurants, office building and organizations, from construction project management for site development to re-branding programs.

    Loan Support

    • Loan Support * Recapitalization * Restructuring and turnarounds * Leveraged buyouts * Refinancing * Growth * Working capital * Mergers and acquisitions * Capital expenditures

  • International Bankers Financial Group Structured Trade


    Customized, leveraged lending solutions.

    More complex than traditional loans, our Structured Finance lending group offers financing solutions for transactions that require unique and innovative structures.Based on a comprehensive review and analysis, our structured finance solutions can provide the capital you need to meet the demands of your business.

    A committed, dedicated team across business cycles.

    Through the ups and downs of the markets in recent years, International Bankers Financial Group remained committed to providing lending solutions and to forging deeper relationships with our customers. You'll work with the same team of experts from day one to determine your needs and execute on them, so you can move forward with confidence.